Following the security situation of things which has remained continuous and unattended to in the country and the current bill to ban importation of generators the National Publicity Director of Young Visioneers Association of Nigeria Comrade Osakwe Barry has called on the leadership of the Nigeria Senate to fix capabilities where it belongs, he said this in Lagos while addressing the group.

According to him, he wonders if our senators get legal advice or constitutional review before a step to fight for a bill.

This is not just because they have big power plant, big solar plant etc while the nation suffer lack of power for business growth, but it will be unfair to temper the little means of electricity without a proposed remedy.

If we’re judging from the environmental point of view then Cars should be regulated in Nigeria as it’s more hazardous to us than we think. The gas flaring in the Niger Delta should be given a check and balance attention because habitants living in such areas are opened to more health challenges than expected.

Not to forget that most Power Holding Company offices in Nigeria uses Generator to print reciepts, major Companies uses heavy generators for their daily runs yet such a bill was proposed on the floor of the Senate without strategic moves on how to salvage the epidemic situation of powerlessness, that shows how the leadership has taken the masses for granted by not considering them in their decisions.

Honestly, nobody would have allowed a leader who care less about the citizens to hold a decision making position in a nation such as ours.

He further eulogised the Senate to have the fear of God even if they are too big to fear or respect the large number of masses they govern, especially those majority who voted for them as claimed.

Adding, he said that the recent bill to ban generator and jail sellers should not be a subject of discussion in a country with gruesome killings even in broad daylight, the Senate should focus on the security of lives and properties and should at most present a track record of the progress report made in boasting the electricity grid to generate and assure at least 12hours of stable power supply in a minimum of thirty (30) states before negotiating or bringing such ban bills or social media prohibition to the house…. This alone shows sign of weakness and focuslessness.

He said, the same masses whom they ignored in spending billions for official cars on roads they don’t even ply, you still want to deny them the opportunity for adequate supply of power which they access with hard earned money especially through getting fuel which their nation produces due to mismanagement in the part of leadership…..this is insane!

We can’t allow those whom we call leaders to continue to mislead us in impunity when from east to west, north to south the masses are being slaughtered in cold blood as they go around seeking for their daily needs.. It’s injustice, it’s barbaric , it wickedness, it’s undemocratic, it’s a act of betrayal to the masses if they actually voted you in.

The bills and bans the nation needs now are; Bans on foreign trip especially as serving senators without record of services delivered in their constituency, Bans on use of foreign cars for official purpose, Bans on use of private jets, Bans on use of foreign banks, jail term for senators who do not annually declare their asset, Ban on foreign medical trips etc. they should be the change that would take us to the next level and prove sincerely they mean well for its citizen.

He finally urge them to desist from these post slavery lifestyle that they have engulfed the leadership space with because power is transient, Things should be hence done differently or be ready to face the international law court for mismanaging the nation entrusted to them. he concluded.

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