Happy New Year Message

I want to welcome all YVAN members to 2018, a year of our great accomplishment and success. I am so positive that this year, we are going achieve great record on our main objective, which is to ensure good and youth governance in Nigeria.

To all BOT members, NEC members and All Reps, I want to say thank you for taking your ground to stick and stand with YVAN when we faced turbulent. We faced a lot of challenges in 2017 from getting our association registered to being betrayed by some set of people but here we are today with a registered name. I want to thank those that stood by us during the crisis. I thank you all for your steadfastness and commitment towards YVAN vision.


I appreciate all our State Reps for their sacrifices and commitments. Using your finance to run affairs of this association in your States is not an easy task but you are doing this because you want to see this country restored and be in the same pedestal with other countries and make life easier for every Nigerian. As we all know our main focus is to restore Nigeria and we will stay focused without being distracted or discouraged.  Having said that, this cannot be achieved without having your voter’s card. Please contact your state Rep to show you the nearest center where you can get your Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC).

This is 2018, a year that we shall be taking a great step as YVAN members toward achieving our aim. We have a lot of activities lined up for us this year from National level, which we believe all State Reps will relate to our members in their various states. “Orientation parade on Voters card and Youth Governance” will commence as from this January in all states. “Young Presidential Aspirants National Dialogue” is coming up soon and Young Visioneers’ Association of Nigeria (YVAN) will be the association that will pioneer this. For now, we have 5 Young Presidential Aspirants that have shown interest to run for 2019 election and they will all be interviewed and screened by all Youths to know if they have what it takes to be voted for. Then at the end of the debate we shall collectively choose whom to support in 2019. Date and venue for the dialogue will be communicated to us soon. YVAN will not let us down. We have made up our mind to be the voice for the youth and general public. This is a collective assignment. We are all stakeholders in YVAN and we all have a say in this vision.

Over the years we have lived under unbearable pain and torment, all for entrusting wrong people with power to run the affairs of this country. Youths are generally believed to be the strength of a nation but our leaders have demoralized us and used us as weapons against one another. They have mismanaged and abused the power of the youth and now is the time to wake up to our responsibilities.

YVAN is one of the groups that have distinguished herself from not being used by politicians or bribed/lured with their ill-gotten money. We cannot be bought. We stand for better future of children of Nigeria. We are structured to act and take a lead role in making sure good and youth governance is realized in Nigeria.

However as we go by our daily engagements/activities in 2018, let us spread the news around that the youths are ready to rescue their destinies by their own hands. Let the good news continue to spread, tell it to your friends, family, loved ones and neighbors. Come 2019, Nigeria is opening a fresh page, as youth government will emerge as it has happened in some other countries around the world.

God bless YVAN,
God bless Nigeria.

…Together we will restore Nigeria



Ezekiel Oladimeji

National President

Young Visioneers’ Association of Nigeria (YVAN)


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